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rEmoving From造句

1. Man differs from beasts in that the former is able to laugh, while the latter aren't.人不同于野兽,因前者能笑,而后者却不能.2. A device that converts a property of an input signal, such as frequency or phase, into an amplitude variation,

The Taiwan Straits separates Taiwan from Fujian.台湾海峡把台湾和福建隔开了.Please separate the white shirt from the colored ones.请把白衬衫与其他颜色的衬衫分开.

整个冬天,什么都唤醒不了蛰伏的熊.它要到春天才从冬眠中醒来he would not emerge from hibernation until spring 再看看别人怎么说的.

The patient should separate from other patients.

The library across from my house.(图书馆在我家对面)

The shoe store is across from the bank.鞋店在银行对面.Their house is just across from ours.他们的房子就在我们家的对面.如果满意,请及时采纳,谢谢!

你好,同学,很高兴回答你的问题apart from 且不说 缺少1.Apart from the pen he presented me with two notebooks .除了那只钢笔以外,他还送我两个笔记本.2.Apart from tears , only time could wear everything away .除了眼泪,只有时间可以冲

prevent from 英[privent frm] 美[prvnt frm] [词典] 阻止, 防止; [例句]Active cure of swoon patients was important to prevent from complications.积极救治晕厥患者,对预防并发症有重要意义.

apart from the coat, the hat doesn't suit me. 除价钱太贵,这帽子也不适合我戴.

I'll leave 10000yuan from my wages (薪水)

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